Snow Goose Bag Limits

Good news! The State of California has recently set the waterfowl daily bag and possession limits. Something you will notice is that the snow goose limit has been increased from 6 geese to now 10 geese per day. Also, the possession limits have been changed from double the daily bag to now triple! Reasons for the increase include “more hunting opportunities” and also the fact that target population goals for the region have been met and exceeded. The California Fish and Game Commission released a full document/disclosure in greater detail. Please contact us if you would like the link.

So what does this mean for you? More hunting, more geese, more action! That is of course if you can seal the deal and lure these smart birds. We all know that snow geese are difficult birds to hunt. The new bag limit could also increase pressure on these already wary birds. The best way to deal with this in my opinion is more decoys! These birds feel safety in numbers. Most hunters in California are using somewhere around 100-300 decoys when trying for snows. My plan of attack is to invest in some more Deadly Decoy wind socks. This year my spread will be near 2000 decoys strong. Game changer. Birds love to see that amount of white on the ground and tend to drop right in. Also, I will be spending extra effort as usual to keep myself and my clients well hidden. Good camo and no movement will allow us to finish geese close. A little extra practice with my calls and I am ready for season! How about you?

I hope to see you in the field this season! Please don’t hesitate to call even if you just want to know how the hunting is. We’ve got plenty of decoys and an open seat in the blind for you. Just contact us and get a hunt booked. We will book up for weekends quickly!