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July 20, 2024, 4:59 pm
Clear sky
Clear sky


Geese, the only thing more addicting than ducks.​​

If you have never hunted over a large decoy spread for geese with a top quality guide, I strongly suggest you do so. There is nothing quite like it. Snows and specks that have haunted you for years will now fall at the doorstep of a proper setup. You can finally get that up-close action you have always wanted.

I have taken some die hard duck hunters that swore up and down they were not interested in geese until I showed them what a good goose hunt looks like. Now they are hooked for life. Few people have been fortunate enough to witness a wad of 10,000 or more geese descend upon the decoys all at once. It sounds like you are under high power lines. The noise and buzzing is intense. You can literally feel the electricity in the air. It takes your breath away and leaves your hands shaking. We are lucky enough to have a huge migration of snows and specks in Colusa and Gridley Areas of California and I love to get clients in the middle of all the action. Sometimes the hardest part is to pick a bird and stay on him till he goes down. This much I promise, whether you hit or miss, you will always remember that moment as the birds work into the spread and swirl over the top of your head at close range.

This is the big game of wingshooting. Geese are large birds and require larger shot to bring down. There are many more details to cover, but you won’t fully know about what I am talking about until you see it for yourself. So join us by booking a hunt today and get ready to create some new memories in the field. For questions or more info, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


We will give away one free hunt every year. The hunt is for waterfowl in the central valley of Northern California. Good for one day/one person. Please “like” our facebook page and keep an eye on the posts. We will announce the winner via facebook so that all can admire the lucky winner. Also, our facebook page will be a great resource for you as the season progresses. We will update bird counts, weather patterns, flood warnings, wind advisories, product reviews and much more.

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